To Change Combination

Your Lock is factory set to open at either 'A123' or 'B123'. please follow the following steps to change it to your preferred combination. A/B switch is factory set and cannot be changed.

WARNING: DO NOT open the lock any further than illustrated in this instruction or the warranty will be voided.

1. Separate the two lock halves typing in the preset combination (A 123 or B123) then press the release button and pull the lock plate and lock housing apart.

2. Lift the rubber pad, exposing the metal part of the lock housing and unscrew the two cover screws by using a Phillips screwdriver.

3. Lift the spring support plate and expose the lock keys.

4. There are two types of keys, the ones with the golden dots are the combination keys and the ones with the white dots are the dummy keys. To change the combination, simply push out the keys from the front with a thin object and re-arrange them to your own combination.

5. When inserting the keys to your new combination, make sure that all the colored dots are located on the lower left hand corner as shown or the lock would not work. There are an additional combination key and dummy key supplied for more combination arrangement.

6. Write down the new combination on a safe place before reinstalling the parts as shown in reverse order from steps3 to 1, Test the new combination before applying the lock on the firearm. Warning: If you apply the Magloc 'Push Button Trigger Lock' on a firearm without knowing its combination, you might have to destroy the lock in order to open it.


If you find that this 'Push Button Trigger Lock' cannot prevent the trigger of the locked firearm from activating, stop using the lock immediately and seek opinion from and expert or a gunsmith.

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